About Us

We are a group of people who have been meeting in Moncton as an assembly of Christians for nearly 100 years. The following is a brief history:

On November 9th, 1919, seven Christians met to remember their Lord Jesus Christ for the first time in Moncton, in a very small rented space at 347 St. George Street. Twenty years later, in September 1939, the assembly moved to a larger, although still rented, location at 124 Archibald Street. Then, in October of 1950, the congregation moved again, this time to 195 Mountain Road to what would be their home for the next 59 years. At this time those in the fellowship of the assembly determined that it would be best to build a facility that would best suit their purposes. Having outgrown this facility by the mid 1990’s, they began searching for a new location.   Unable to find a suitable location, the decision was made to expand the current facility and in 1997 that expansion was completed. By 2009, there were over 110 in the congregation in addition to approximately 50 children. The facility was overcrowded and despite occupying a building that had served us well for 59 years, a new building was definitely needed. From August 30th, 2009, until the current facility was completed, the assembly met in various locations including the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a school and a motel. We felt somewhat like pilgrims and appreciated the reality of the words of the hymn, “…this world is not my home, I’m just a passing through…” Finally April 4 2010, arrived and we met for the first time in our current facility at 895 Salisbury Road. We believe that Lord has directed us here and we pray to be a blessing to this area.