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Biblical Prophecy Charts

English Biblical Prophecy Chart in English

An effort to provide a reference to study and to teach Biblical Prophecy was started a number of years ago by interested brethren. With the advent of Internet technology, these charts that once had to be printed in large format and shipped to interested Christians can now be delivered across the globe and even into areas that were once restricted.

Recorded Teaching

In October of 2005, Jim Paul spent some time with us in Moncton focusing on prophecy, using the above mentioned chart for a framework. Here are the messages that we recorded at that time.

Below are links to the Biblical Prophecy Charts in various languages.

Evangelism Charts – Two Roads and Two Destinies

Two Roads and Two Destinies Chart in English

The Christians in Moncton have been providing the “Two Roads – Two Destinies” chart in banner form for many years. We are now pleased to provide them in digital form, making them more accessible for evangelism work around the world. Many thanks to the believers who have volunteered to translate this chart

Unless noted otherwise, all Two Roads and Two Destinies charts are the “Who Is Wise” version.