Sunday School

Come learn with us!

Many families attend the meetings at the Moncton Gospel Hall. We invite you and your children to join us each Sunday at 11:30am for singing and Sunday school. Everyone is welcome to attend. There are classes for children, teens, and adults.

Meet new friends and enjoy singing with the children, and learn from God’s Word. Every year we have a Sunday School Picnic, daily Vacation bible School program through the summer and Christmas program.

Free transportation is available.

For more information please email at

Our Sunday school teachers are devoted to instructing their students in the principles of the bible in a fun and interesting way. Your children will:

  • Learn of real life events from the bible
  • Interact with other children
  • Memorize verses


  • 11:30am – 12:30pm
    • 11:30am – singing with the kids in the main auditorium
    • 11:50pm – 12:30pm – Classes with the children